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Online Shamanic Breathwork Experience

"Shamanic Breathwork is the most powerful medicine I’ve encountered to help me make it through the portals of death and rebirth.

Join me in an online transformational Shamanic Breathwork ceremony by clicking the link below.

Take a deep breath. Let go. We will see you on the other side, and back again."

- Linda Star Wolf

Awaken the Shaman Within:Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self
Step onto the Spiral Path of Shamanic Consciousness with Linda Star Wolf! This opening module will begin by creating a rich sacred space through ritual and ceremony— properly preparing you to explore and awaken your own shamanic consciousness! In this module, you will uncover what it means to be a shaman. You will discover how each and every one of us has an innate connection to the Natural World, and it is this very connection that makes us ALL Shamanic! Through meditation, ritual, ceremony and practical exercises found within this module, Star Wolf will demonstrate how you can awaken your own Inner Shaman and embody this energy in your everyday life. 
Shakti Rising:
Activating Your Elemental Forces Within
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