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Venus Rising's Congregations

Venus Rising is dedicated to creating a worldwide community, dedicated to Love, Wisdom, Transformation & Personal Freedom. As a 5013c non-profit organization, we are legally recognized by the United States government as a “shamanic church.” With this designation, Venus Rising is able to ordain Shamanic Ministers and sanction Congregations under the umbrella of Venus Rising. 

Presently, Venus Rising has a total of 16 congregations based around the World. Each of these congregations are maintained by Shamanic Breathwork graduates and ordained Shamanic Ministers of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Each congregation, while operating under the umbrella of Venus Rising, carries the essence and spirit of shamanic work through their own lens, personality and perspective. Meaning no two congregations are identically the same, and each congregation shares the Aquarian Lineage of Venus Rising with its own unique style. Venus Rising has congregations that share their transformative work through a variety of lineages such as; Shamanic Yoga, Toltec, African, Andean, Shamanic Priestesses, Shamanic Priests, Shakti Rising, and others. 


With this rich diversity and variety, there’s sure to be Venus Rising Congregation that will align with your personal Shamanic Path; providing you with a Tribe and Spiritual Community. 



By creating a Venus Rising Congregation, our Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators and Shamanic Ministers are able to create a spiritual community in their region of the world. Through the creation of their congregation, our graduates are able to share their Dharma and Sacred Purpose— offering spiritual and shamanic workshops, classes, and group meetings under their congregation’s church status. 

Venus Rising Congregations are able to function as branch of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Our congregations become recognized as non-profit churches and organizations through Venus Rising and are granted their own EIN. 

Under this legally recognized “Church Status” Venus Rising Congregations can:

  • Build Community and Tribe within their region of the world

  • Teach SHIP (the first level of our Shamanic Breathwork Certification Program)

  • Offer Shamanic Guidance and Support

  • Teach Spiritual and Shamanic Workshops and classes

  • Accept donations

  • Provide Mentoring and Apprenticeships 


Venus Rising is “One Tribe” that can be found all around the world. Through our congregations, our worldwide shamanic community is seeded and available to all of those seeking Greater Love, Wisdom, Transformation & Personal Freedom. Whether you are seeking your shamanic tribe and home, or longing to take your sacred work to the next octave by establishing your own spiritual community, our Venus Rising Congregations offer a multitude of pathways to transformation for all those who hear the call. 

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