Shamanic Breathwork 

Certification Mark - Facilitator Kit

Dear Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators, 

As Shamanic Breathwork grows in the world, we want you to be recognized for the time, energy, and effort you've invested into your healing as a facilitator of The Work through your training with Venus Rising and Shamanic Breathwork. We also want to ensure the lineage of Shamanic Breathwork lives on in the world and is recognized as a powerful ceremonial tool for transformation!  

Below you will find several versions of a legally registered Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator Certification Mark that you are required to use on all Shamanic Breathwork promotional materials.

For your convenience, the provided SBW Certification Mark - Facilitator Kit has 9 color variations to support your own branding. Include this mark on all materials featuring Venus Rising's Shamanic Breathwork Process. This mark can be positioned anywhere on the page and resized to fit your needs. The SBW Certification Mark must remain clearly legible. **This includes promotional videos and interviews.

Along with this, Venus Rising requires the phrase, “Shamanic Breathwork® is a registered trademark of Linda Star Wolf” to be placed at the footer of all Shamanic Breathwork Promotional Materials. Different options and examples of this are also located in the SBW Certification Mark - Facilitator Kit.

Thank you for offering your love and service to the world as a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator at this time of great need. We love and value each of you and are honored by the excellent work you have anchored in your lives.

In Love & Wisdom, 

Star Wolf and the Venus Rising Team

Certification Mark - Gold.png
CM Example.png

**have a special design request? Contact Us; Venusrising@Shamanicbreathwork.org

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