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Dear Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators, 

As a lover of music my entire life, feeling music deeply within my body and awaking with music playing in my head each morning, I found my passion for Breathwork was highlighted because of the music! With over 30+ years experience of working with musical journeys, and specifically 20 + years working with shamanic musical journeys, I have put my heart and soul into each of these sets to support the great shifts and transformation our planet is going through at this time. 

I encourage you to try on and taste music from around the world of all genres. This list of Shamanic Breathwork sets is a sampling of the most recent sets that have been tried and true to activate the chakras and the human energy field for a powerful transformational journey. 


Let these Shamanic Breathwork sets inspire you on your journey as a facilitator and change agent in the world. 

And remember, please always honor the artists whose work you use in support of your sacred work. I've purchased music for many years and have always done my best to share with friends, family, and students in effort to promote the work of the artists I have found of major influence on my own path in hopes to create divine reciprocity. 



In Love & Wisdom, 

Star Wolf and the Venus Rising Team

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SBW Music Sets;


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~ Shamanic Breathwork Music ~

Set List & Prices

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SBW Journey Sets;


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