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Venus Rising University

At Venus Rising University, you will have the opportunity to change not only your life, but also change the world through your spiritual evolution and activism. Our goal is to support you in remembering who you really are and awakening to your soul purpose.

VRU is a University without walls. This is not a cookie cutter education. Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies provide a challenging and exciting perspective on how to embody a spiritual career that has heart and gives meaning and purpose to your life. VRU supports individualism and diversity actively experienced through the healing power of community. Our graduates are the leaders and way showers-for future generations. As a graduate of our program, whatever you choose to do in the world will be infused with the love and wisdom you have opened up to during your time at Venus Rising University.


–Linda Star Wolf

Founder and President of Venus Rising University, established August, 2010


Venus Rising University is a unique educational experience. As far as we know, VRU is the only Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual University in the world! Our curriculum is structured to promote and accelerate personal transformation and embodied leadership.

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