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Facilitator Skills

Shamanic Breathwork


The Facilitator Skills Accelerated Transformation and Training program focusses on providing future Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators with the necessary skill sets and grounded experience required to take this sacred work out into the world.

In the Facilitator Skills program, participants experience in-depth training and exposure in the following areas: Bodywork, Music, Art, and Processing. Throughout each segment, participants discover:


  • How to create a safe container for shamanic psycho-spiritual work

  • The facilitation of Sacred Ceremony

  • Developing and trusting your Intuition and unique gifts

  • Shamanic Bodywork such as rebirthing, resistance, conscious touch, and energy clearing

  • The use of Shamanic Musical Journeys

  • Shamanic Shakti Art Processes

  • Experiential Group Processing, Integration, and Grounding. 

Each segment builds upon the other in a spiraling fashion, providing students with the knowledge and experience to facilitate a Shamanic Breathwork Journey.

Facilitator Skills Segments

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In this segment, students develop and create a deeper relationship with their physical bodies. They will learn a variety of bodywork techniques to utilize during the Shamanic Breathwork Journey.


These techniques include shamanic tools and processes such as rebirthing, resistance, conscious touch, and energy clearing. Our Bodywork segment prepares students and allows them to understand first-hand the importance of creating a safe container for themselves and others during a Shamanic Breathwork Journey.


An instrumental piece of the Shamanic Breathwork Process is the music. The musical sets selected and played for Shamanic Breathwork Journeys are customized and designed to activate the chakra system and energy fields. Students will learn how to use their intuition and bodies to select appropriate music to engage each chakra. Students will also learn how to compile music and create a Shamanic Breathwork Musical Set from start to finish.

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Group Processing

During the Processing segment of our Facilitator Skills Training, students will learn how to create and hold a safe container where participants feel energetically held and comfortable with sharing their Shamanic Breathwork Journeys. Students will also learn how to give meaningful feedback and counseling as Shamanic Breathwork Facilitators—remembering that at the core of every individual resides an inner shaman guiding their journey.


The Art segment teaches students the importance of tuning into and communicating with the subconscious mind through archetypal symbols that arise during Shamanic Breathwork Journeys. They will discover how to create art processes, and how to read artwork using the Elemental Five Cycles of Change and other symbolism.

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