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Shamanic Breathwork



Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process

~ Be Ordained as a Shamanic Minister upon the completion of S.H.I.P. ~

Walking the Spiral Path: the S.H.I.P. Initiations


The S.H.I.P. program provides a path of direct experience that transforms consciousness. Venus Rising Graduates are committed to letting go of self-seeking consciousness and becoming the change they wish to see in the world, thereby assisting in the rebirth of Shamanic Consciousness for our times.

Each initiation consists of creating sacred space for the Shamanic Breathwork Journey - a safe and powerful healing ceremony that uses cyclical breathing, chakra-attuned music, focused bodywork, artistic expression, and community sharing. These shamanic initiations support individuals in Awakening their Shaman Within!

  • Water: The Sacred Wheel of Life and The Spiral Path

  • Earth: Re-membering our Ancestors and the Cosmic Tree of Life

  • Fire: Soul Loss and Reclaiming the Shadow

  • Spirit: Opening to the Beloved- Contacting your Spiritual Helpers and Guides

  • Air: Awakening the Shaman Within & Discovering your Sacred Purpose

  • Imaginal Cells: Activating your Future Self

S.H.I.P. is designed to assist individuals and professionals in learning how to embody shamanic consciousness by journeying beyond the limitations of your ego identity and shape-shift into your sacred soul purpose. 

  • Embrace shamanic tools to create real and lasting change in your life.

  • Transform troubling issues from the past that still impact you today.

  • Reclaim your passion and your power by recovering lost aspects of your authentic self and remember who you truly are!

  • Deepen your connection to unconditional love for self & others.

  • Enhance your ability to support others through these times and share your unique gifts and Sacred Purpose with the world.


You can participate in any of the S.H.I.P. workshops for your own personal transformation and/or as part of the training program.

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