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Mystery Tours

Shamanic Mystery Tours

In ancient times, initiates from indigenous cultures traveled across time and space to exotic places and high holy sites to receive spiritual wisdom, initiation and enlightenment.

Through these spiritual quests the seeker would enter a shamanic process of death and rebirth, where they would leave behind old identities and life-styles to be reborn—Awakening the Shaman Within…

Deep within our DNA our souls are hungry to remember our connection to these ancient rituals and ceremonies 

The Shamanic Mystery Tours is a travel ministry that provides spiritual seekers from all walks of life to take sacred pilgrimages to shamanic sites all around the world.


Founded in 2016 by Linda Star Wolf and Nikólaus Wolf, the Shamanic Mystery Tours has facilitated group journeys to Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Bali, England, and other destinations.


Each Shamanic Mystery Tour is dedicated to supporting spiritual seekers to Awaken the Shaman Within as they undergo their own vision quest.

On a Shamanic Mystery Tour, you will experience:

  • The Shamanic Breathwork® Process

  • Shamanic Ritual and Ceremony

  • Shamanic Initiations

  • Revelatory Teachings

  • Private access to sacred temples, ancient activation spots, and timeless power centers

  • A rich and deep connection to Soul Tribe all around the world

If your soul is hungry for adventure, a deeper connection with nature, and you are longing for more magic and mystery in your life, perhaps you are ready to Awaken your Shaman Within ~

Jump aboard the next Shamanic Mystery Tour!

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Your Shamanic Adventure Awaits You!

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