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About VR

About Venus Rising

Venus Rising’s Soul Purpose is to co-create a worldwide tribe, dedicated to love, wisdom, transformation, and personal freedom.

Our shamanic wisdom teachings and shamanic psychospiritual principles support the integration of the Mind, Body, Heart, Soul, and Spirit.

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Venus Rising is dedicated to transforming personal and planetary consciousness during this great shifting of the ages by supporting people in Awakening the Shaman Within. As consciousness is accelerated, individuals naturally begin to step into their authentic nature and Soul Purpose on the planet. Shamanic Breathwork is our main tool for transformation and embodiment of Spirit. This process was created by Venus Rising’s Founder, Linda Star Wolf, to support kindred spirits in connecting to their Divine Source in a powerful way. As blockages to wholeness are cleared, real and sustainable changes are embodied in their everyday lives.

It is not too late to change both personally and collectively. As we transform ourselves, we transform the world around us. Every inner shift in consciousness that we individually make informs and transforms the collective consciousness. The time is now to open to our heart’s wisdom and to simply do our part. If you are ready to join us and transform your life, contact us to discuss the right Venus Rising program to meet your needs.

One Breath, One Tribe, One Love

We offer many exciting spiritual teachings, gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonies, as well as university degree programs, training certifications, ministerial ordainment, personal transformation retreats, and workshops all around the world, and at our home base in the magical blue mountains of western North Carolina, home to our Elemental Temples.






Shamanic Breathwork  


Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful transformational journey that inspires individuals to Awaken the Shaman Within and reconnect with their own inner healer. As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed, individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who they truly are. Empowerment brings wholeness and healing back into their own lives, to the lives of those they love, and to the world at large. 


The Birth of Venus Rising


Venus Rising was born on the Spring Equinox, March 21, 1996. During this time that Star Wolf became deeply influenced by the archetypes of Innana, Venus, and the Blue Star Mysteries through several synchronistic experiences. Star Wolf underwent a shamanic death and rebirth initiation, which led her to embrace the Hero/Heroine's Journey as her own. 

The archetypes of Higher Love and Wisdom took the form known as the goddess Venus, who beckoned Star Wolf to surrender into Innana's underworld journey and exchange her innocence for wisdom. Upon Innana's return from the underworld, she embodied the Queen, of both Heaven and Earth. These archetypes became guiding lights and provided a pathway for Star Wolf's personal transformational journey. Venus Rising is the physical manifestation of both Star Wolf's and Innana's epic shamanic story. 

Star Wolf, following the guidance of her inner voice, (Shaman Within), learned that in the symbolic language of astrology that she was the archetypal embodiment of Venus Rising. This incredible ray of love and wisdom called Star Wolf to share with thousands of souls from around the world who have taken their own courageous leaps into the void to discover who they really are, and to remember their true soul's purpose. 


Venus Rising is a 501c3 non-profit shamanic psychospiritual organization, recognized by the IRS of the United States as a ministry authorized to ordain Shamanic Ministers. Venus Rising University, which was established in 2010, is approved by the University of North Carolina to formally educate individuals for a spiritual career by offering degrees in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies.

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