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Venus Rising's Elemental Temples

Located on Dove Mountain, held within the magical blue mountains of western North Carolina, lies the Elemental Temples and the home of Venus Rising.

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The magical Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina are home to Venus Rising's Elemental Temples and Dove Mountain Community. 


Venus Rising is home to multiple communities on the mountain. Dove Mountain and Isis Cove community were created by Star Wolf and Brad Collins in 2006, in efforts to protect the land and offer a serene sanctuary surrounded by Nature. Within the communities live Staff of Venus Rising, along with other like-minded community members who have participated in our programs to varying degrees. 

Star Wolf and Brad bought Dove Mountain when they discovered it was going to be forested. Shortly after the purchase of this land, Star Wolf received a vision during a Shamanic Breathwork Journey. The Great Egyptian Mother Goddess, Isis, appeared, instructing her to build elemental temples and sacred sites upon Dove Mountain.

It was in this journey where she saw the whole world burning; plagued and suffering. Star Wolf became the Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet, and laid ruin to the world that was responsible for such devastation of the planet. Wild with blood lust and fury, Star Wolf (as Sekhmet), was raised up by Isis, as a hissing lioness held within the fingers of the great Egyptian goddess and mother to all things, Isis. 

Isis shared her vision with me and spoke the following words that burned themselves into my heart, mind and soul… “Build the elemental temples, and they will come!”

When Star Wolf asked, "what temples and who will come…," she was given a powerful vision and command to create the Elemental Temples that honored the sacred elements of water, earth, fire, and air. When Star Wolf asked who will come, she was told that people who have pure hearts, minds, and spirits would magically show up and be supportive as Star Wolf stayed true to the heart of the vision she had been given. 



In her vision from Isis, Star Wolf saw that these elemental temples would serve as wisdom teachers and guides for countless kindred spirits around the world, who would could come to journey and undergo shamanic transformation.


Explore the Elemental Temples!

Dove Mountain is blessed with a wide assortment of creatures teachers, including foxes, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, snakes, turtles, hawks, owls, wild turkeys, crows, turkey vultures, Eagles, Blue Herons and a variety of songbirds. Bear tracks have been seen high up on the mountain and we sometimes hear coyotes howling, the cry of a bobcat, and the shrill coming from the ancestral Spirit Bird of the Cherokee Nation, the Pileated Woodpecker. Our sacred temples, held within nature, creates the perfect space to drop in, heal, transform, and awaken your shaman within!

Water Tmeple.jpeg

The Water Temple
The Healing Waters of Isis

Tucked within the forest landscapes, the Tuckasegee river runs along the base of Dove Mountain with the Water Goddess Venus overlooking a restorative meditative garden. Within Venus Rising’s Water Temple you may have spontaneous experiences with a menagerie of creatures such as songbirds, butterflies, lizards, snakes, rabbits, squirrels, blue herons, hawks, and bald eagles. Isis' waterfall is immersed in the heart of Dove Mountain. 

The Earth Temple
Stone Medicine Wheel

Ceremonially placed on Dove Mountain are 37 ancestral stones, each stone weighing 1000-2000 lbs, creating the sacred Medicine Wheel which serves as Venus Rising’s Earth Temple. Sacred Ceremonies such as vision quests, rites of passage, weddings, and shamanic journeying with the ancestors and animal totems take place here. The Medicine Wheel is a powerful place to visit and re-member who it is you came here to be.

Medicine-Wheel (1).png
firewalk-03 by dane.jpeg

The Fire Temple
Sacred Flame's Fire Arch

Venus Rising’s Fire Temple is a large metal arch structure, sculpted into a flame. The inside of the arch is lined with filament, which when lit shoots fire throughout the structure. As one enters the temple, and walks through the fiery arch, they will participate in fire ceremonies that include rituals such as drumming, fire circles, and fire walks. 

The Spirit Temple
Blue Star Point

Suspended within the magical blue mountains, the Spirit Temple overlooks the Elemental Temples of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. This is an enchanted place to connect with the Star Nations and the Spirit Guides, often resulting in receiving a vision of the Bigger Picture of your life.  

Spirit Deck 1.JPG

The Air Temple
Venus Rising's Healing Arts Sanctuary

With a majestic view of the smoky mountains, Venus Rising’s Sanctuary is a covered, open aired temple, that is home for Shamanic Breathwork and other sacred ceremonies as well as concerts, art processes, and gatherings.

The Blue Star Wheel of Transformation

The Blue Star Wheel of Transformation was downloaded to Star Wolf from her late Wolf Clan Grandmother, Twylah Nitsch, who instructed her to build a wheel to anchor the Blue Star Energies. Those who spend time within this wheel will embody the frequencies of the Blue Star Mysteries within themselves.


Sekhmet's Chapel

Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess of Fierce Compassion & Transformation, holds a place of deep  reverence within our hearts, as well as our land. Sekhmet's Chapel is located at the heart of the mountain, overseeing and protecting all of Dove Mountain. She is a true force in our psyche's, and her gaze creates deep transformation within all who meet her... 

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