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Shamanic Breathwork



Shamanic Breathwork weaves together modern-day consciousness with ancient wisdom. Shamanic Breathwork provides individuals with a safe container where they can experience the healing transformations that unfold during altered states of consciousness. Through this process, individuals are able to undergo a transformative journey through the breath — Awakening the Shaman Within

Venus Rising and the Shamanic Breathwork Process was created by Linda Star Wolf in 1996. For more than 30 years Star Wolf has continued to study the lineages of: Integrative Breathwork, created by Jacquelyn Small; Holotropic Breathwork, created by Stanislav Grof; Rebirthing Breathwork, created by Leonard Orr, along with many other forms of altered states breathing/healing techniques. Star Wolf also received  a variety of teachings and transmissions of Wolf Clan Wisdom Teachings directly from Yeh-Weh-Node, Twylah Nitsch, her adopted Wolf Clan Grandmother. The Shamanic Breathwork Process draws upon each of these lineages, as well as other Ancient Shamanic Mystery School teachings.

Star Wolf 's personal and professional experience in the fields of psychological counseling and addictions, for more than 30 years, creates a solid foundation and safe container for the integration of Shamanic Breathwork and Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual principles.

The merging of Shamanic Breathwork with modern day consciousness is a powerful shamanic tool for everyone on their path to "awakening" in today's world. 

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