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30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity

From Ego Agenda to Soul Purpose... Remembering the Bigger Picture

I created the 30 Shamanic Questions to help save the life of a dear friend who was suffering from such a severe depression that she had become suicidal. She was in a major life transition that threatened to overwhelm her sanity and I, her friend and teacher for many years, felt helpless in this situation. Feeling overwhelmed, I sat down, said a prayer asking for help, and turned to my computer. I spontaneously typed out these words:

30 Shamanic Questions;

 Dismantle Your Old Ego Identity
 And Recover Your Original Soul Purpose

30 Shamanic Questions.jpg

The words began to flow effortlessly through my consciousness and in less than a couple of hours The 30 Shamanic Questions were born. These questions are called shamanic because they are designed to serve as a guide to the process of letting go of old ego attachments (a symbolic death) and moving into a rebirth experience. A Shaman is often called a Wounded Healer – one who has learned how to heal himself of the pain of life’s experiences and shares the wisdom gained from those experiences with others. I too am a wounded healer. I embrace the shamanic path of spiritual growth and healing. I too have struggled with many difficult issues and addictions on my life’s journey. I have had many symbolic death and rebirth experiences which I refer to as the shamanic path of conscious awareness. This has prompted me to reach out and assist countless others along the way. Over the last three decades I have helped guide individuals from every walk of life as they navigated the uncharted territory from ego to soul’s purpose.

The 30 Shamanic Questions are a formalized structure for the work I have been doing with others for more than 30 years. They are intended to accelerate and support transformation. What makes this process special, and one of the reasons it works so well in comparison to other self-help processes, is that we are not meant to walk this path alone. The journey is shared with another who we refer to as the co-journeyer. This process is similar to what happens when someone sponsors another person in a twelve-step program of recovery.

My friend did not kill herself. She worked The Questions herself and then passed them on to many others. Today, many years later, she has made significant and soulful changes in her life.


The 30 Shamanic Questions have spread like wildfire around this country and to several other countries including Bermuda, Germany, England and Australia. They have found their way to those who are ready to heal and become more of who they really are.

I trust that if The 30 Shamanic Questions have found their way into your hands and heart,

that it is not by accident and may be an answer to a prayer.

Shamanic Blessings,

Linda Star Wolf

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