Kelly MoonWolf

Venus Rising University

Admissions Advisor & Mentor

Kelley MoonWolf began her healing and training with Venus Rising in March of 2001 when she attended her first 1-day Shamanic Breathwork experience in Clackamas, Oregon. During her breathwork journey, Kelley was accompanied by a white wolf and an elder came to her and gave her her first spirit name “Spirit Dancer”. Kelley came to find out later in the day that the elder was Seneca Wolf Clan elder Grandmother Twylah; adoptive grandmother of Star Wolf.

Years later, Star Wolf would give Kelley her second spirit name, Dancing MoonWolf Woman, when Kelley became an ordained shamanic minister. Kelley’s initial shamanic breathwork experience forever changed the course of her life as she began to discover the spiral path of transformation and recover the shamanic consciousness within herself. In 2002, Kelley also completed her education as a Naturopathic Physician and was licensed in October of that year. Kelley would only know the true synchronicity of embarking upon the shamanic path as she completed her Naturopathic Medical education years later in retrospect when she found herself saying to Star Wolf recently that medical school had given her great knowledge, but that Star Wolf’s teachings, Brad Collins’ mentorship, the shamanic initiations she has undergone, and learning to walk the sober shamanic spiral path, had given her the great wisdom she needed to know how to use that knowledge for the highest good.


In her years of practice, Kelley continued to come back to Shamanic Breathwork as the single most powerful pathway to heal old wounds and unleash the creative vital force that is every person’s birth right. Through Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Kelley is an Ordained Shamanic Minister and has been an active member of the Shamanic Ministers Global Network since 2010, she is certified as a Master Facilitator of Shamanic Breathwork, and is certified in Usui Reiki and Shamanic Reiki. Kelley’s mission since early in life has been to free herself from the limitations of mediocrity and inertia imposed by cultural expectations so that she could in turn fulfill her soul’s purpose of freeing other free-thinkers to live their lives from a place of limitless potential, vitality, and creativity.


She is joyfully of service to the Venus Rising Team. She is the Venus Rising University Admissions Adviser and Mentor, and as such, she is the first point of contact for students. She answers questions and gets to know truly what each person is looking to receive from their VRU experience. Once she has discerned what will light your fire, she will get with the Venus Rising team and together they will assign you a mentor that will best support your goals and will work with you on creating your curriculum and supporting you through your shamanic educational projects. As a mentor herself, Kelley will work with you to discover and create the curriculum that most excites you and fulfills your soul aspirations. Kelley is also a liaison to Venus Rising Congregations, helping to keep them up to date on Venus Rising’s ever-growing shamanic psychospiritual programs and services. Kelley continues to be in private practice as a Naturopathic Doctor and Shamanic Psychospiritual Counselor in Trinidad Colorado.


Contact Kelley at:

192 Iris Lane,

Whittier, NC, 28789

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