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Shamanic Breathwork

Ethics & Agreements

Venus Rising strives to create a safe and consecrated container for students to experience the building of pressure so that they may change on a soul level. We do all in our power to limit the potential risks of re-traumatization. Safety First, Transformation Second. 

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The 3 C's

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We have some agreements that we ask Students and Teachers to abide by while in sacred space together. We call them the 3 Cs.


1 – Commitment.

We ask that you remain committed to the process. Please show up to all the sessions unless you are absolutely not able to. If that happens for some reason, talk to one of the Facilitators or Apprentices. Do not leave the workshop space, or – if you are staying on site – leave the property without first talking to either a Facilitator or Apprentice. Please remain committed to the process, even when it is difficult.


2 – Confidentiality.

What you see here, remains here. What you hear here, remains here. What we mean by this is, please do not share other’s process with anyone else, including your partner or close friend. If you choose to share your own process with another, that is up to you, but please respect the privacy of fellow participants.


3 – Chemicals.

We ask that while you are at this workshop, you do not use alcohol or recreational drugs. This also includes time when you might be off-site. Do not bring alcohol or recreational drugs to the premises. Please note that this agreement does not include prescription medications. 

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SBW Facilitator Agreements

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  1. I understand that Shamanic Breathwork® is a trademark legally registered to Linda Star Wolf.

  2. I agree not to use the ® and TM symbols when promoting Shamanic Breathwork.

  3. I agree to include the SBW Facilitator Certification Mark on all my promotional materials. (The Certification Mark can be found in the SBW Facilitator Resource Library).

  4. When referring to my certification in workshops, private sessions and promotional materials, I agree to make it clear that I am a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator trained by Venus Rising.

  5. I agree to offer the Shamanic Breathwork Process as taught to me in my training. (Refer to the SBW book & SBW Facilitator Resource Library)

  6. I agree to have ALL students sign release forms. (A generic form is provided in the SBW Facilitator Resource Library.)

  7. I understand that in my workshops, private sessions and promotional materials, it is inappropriate to refer to Shamanic Breathwork in generic terms (such as calling it “breathwork” and leaving the word “shamanic” out), or to substitute another word in place of the word “shamanic.”

  8. I understand that creating a program under a different name but with the same concepts and teachings is a form of plagiarism and is grounds for the revocation of my certification.

  9. I agree to use Shamanic Breathwork Music obtained from Venus Rising only for the Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony, and not to use it in other ceremonies or promotions.

  10. I understand that failure to adhere to these agreements may result in the revocation of my Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator Certification.

**Venus Rising is on an evolving Spiral Path. Our programs have been lovingly created by a team of individuals connected to Spirit and grounded in practical reality. We will continue to change our training programs, agreements and policies according to the needs of those we serve.

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Venus Rising's Code of Ethics

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  1. Be honest with yourself and others.

  2. Practice listening to your “Inner Shaman” and your own spiritual guidance while encouraging those you serve to do the same.

  3. Practice forgiveness and making amends when needed.

  4. Practice patience, tolerance, and flexibility.

  5. Remain teachable and open-minded while practicing humility to support your own spiritual path.

  6. Seek the highest healing and empowerment for those you serve.

  7. Never take advantage of others in any way.

  8. Practice Loving Kindness in your daily life and in your work with others.

  9. Acquire an Attitude of Gratitude, letting go of competition consciousness.

  10. Create a safe space for your sacred work with others.

  11. Discuss clearly and reach an agreement, prior to rendering spiritual services, all donations and energy exchanges with others.

  12. Establish loving and clear boundaries with those who seek your guidance.

  13. Become a sacred witness and a good listener while supporting others spiritually on their path. (Learn to trust their Inner Shaman.)

  14. Treat everyone with consideration, dignity and respect, for we are all related.

  15. Never advise or provide services beyond your own level of expertise.

  16. Always refer your clients to others for assistance in areas for which you are not appropriately trained.

  17. Be willing to turn to others – peers, teachers, counselors, etc. – for assistance with your own personal healing as you travel the ever renewing spiral path of death and rebirth into higher consciousness.

  18. Continue to honor your calling and commitment to walk the sacred path as a Shamanic Minister. Seek to Walk in Wisdom, Integrity, Stability, and Dignity and in the Light of Your Sacred Truth From Within.

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