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Judy Redhawk, PhD, RDT, D Min, earned her PhD in Psychology in 1984 from the University of Pittsburgh. In 1987, Redhawk became a registered Drama Therapist.

Her professional background and work has been in the field of psychology and shamanic psychospiritual studies; she is a licensed psychologist who has integrated shamanic practices and art processes into her private practice; supporting children, adolescents and adults heal and transform their lives.


Redhawk was awarded a D-Min in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies from Venus Rising University, where she created and developed the Shamanic Shakti Art Process. She has completed the Shamanic Priestess Process (Nicole Christine lineage under Anyaa McAndrew,2009); she is a Shamanic Tibeten/Usui, Brigid’s Flame Reiki Master; a Shamanic Breathwork Master Practitioner and Facilitator; and an ordained Shamanic Minister.


In 2008, Redhawk was the Program Director and Manager of the Transformation House Soul Recovery Program at Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Here, she integrated her shamanic psycho-spiritual techniques with her professional background as a licensed psychologist, and supported individuals in radically healing and transforming their lives—overcoming substance abuse, addictive behaviors and unhealthy patterns.


Presently, Judy continues to maintain her private practice as a licensed psychologist. She facilitates workshops and private intensives as well as transformative and experiential workshops nationwide. She is a core team member and teacher at Venus Rising Association for Transformation-specializing in teaching and training students on how to utilize the Shamanic Shakti Art Process as a tool for transformation, integration and wholeness.


Judy Redhawk resides in Pittsburgh, PA. She travels the world regularly and finds inspiration daily through art and her shamanic practices.

Contact Judy at:


Judy Redhawk

Shamanic Shakti Art Process Teacher,

VRU Coordinator & Advisor

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