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Kathy Morrison s a Shamanic Breathwork® Master Practitioner, a Shamanic Minister ordained through Venus Rising, Second Degree Shamanic Breathwork 

Reiki Initiate. Kathy is a Graduate of Venus Rising University – November 2010 

She holds a Bachelor of Sacred Elemental Studies and a Master’s degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices

Kathy is part of the Venus Rising staff and also assists with other office and business details. She is the Coordinator of the Shamanic Ministers Global Network. Kathy is a core team member of the Transformation House. She helps to coordinate the Shamanic 30 Questions process. Kathy has been in recovery from drugs, alcohol and codependency since 1994. She is a grounded and compassionate source to others who are wanting to recovery from a way of life that no longer serves them. She assists people in connecting more deeply with their own "inner healer” while supporting them on their journey. She continues to dance the spiral path through the continuous cycles of change in her own life, Kathy brings a depth of heart and wisdom to her work with others through her own personal healing, experience, strength and hope.

Kathy lives near Isis Cove in the mountains of western North Carolina.


Contact Kathy at:


Kathy Morrison

VRU Administrator

Shamanic Ministers Global Network Coordinator

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