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Levi Banner

Astrologer, DJ, Yoga Instructor,
VR Congregation Leader

With a warm smile, an energetic hug, and sly sense of humor, Levi Banner draws you into his world – teaching the spiritual sciences for healing and transformation. Yoga, Breathwork, and Astrology comprise his trinity of mystical knowledge

Divining deep astrological insights through the cosmic viewpoint he creates a safe, peaceful classroom space where students can learn and grow to their fullest potential. Levi is a Master Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. Mystery, transformation, and healing magically combine as he leads intensive Shamanic Breathwork journeys, helping participants reconnect to their highest selves. By gifting students with personal empowerment and self-healing, he strives to create a community of open-hearted difference makers with world-changing potential. Levi can be found traveling the shamanic path as he conducts workshops and immersions around the globe. In Yoga, Levi is rated E-RYT 500, the highest level of Yoga Alliance certification. With a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices and a Bachelor’s in Sacred Elemental Studies, enlightened techniques and ancient philosophies are transmitted into what he shares, gracing students with an unusually well-rounded experience and profound lifetime benefits.

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