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Master AprenticeSHIP

Shamanic Breathwork


This is an important initiation within the Shamanic Breathwork Training, where students have the opportunity to fully show up in service for others, while holding their own personal process. At this level of facilitation you can expect to be included in the behind the scenes of the Shamanic Breathwork Training, from beginning to end. This includes participating in Staff Meetings each morning, discussing and formulating a daily plan to create a safe and magical container for shamanic transformation. You also have more contact time with Venus Rising Staff behind the scenes to ask questions, work with different Facilitator Skill techniques, and experience how a variety of ways that Venus Rising Staff embodies Shamanic Consciousness in their lives. ​

At this level of training  Master Apprentices are offered the opportunity to experience yet another octave for further hands on training;

The Shamanic Breathwork Master Apprentice-SHIP is for those who feel a deeper calling to planetary service and embodying Shamanic Consciousness in their everyday lives and sacred work.


  • Setting Sacred Space.

  • Creating Altars.

  • Opening/Closing the Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony.

  • Calling in the Sacred Elements that consecrate the container.

  • Facilitating the Shamanic Breathwork Journey.

  • Facilitate Process Groups.

  • Participate in Staff Meetings.

  • Learn by living in the Fire!


Upon completion of Master Apprenticing for SHIP and Facilitator Skills training, you are certified as a Shamanic Breathwork Master Practitioner. 

At this level, you are eligible to apply to become a Venus Rising Satellite. This can lead you to the honor and responsibility of hosting your own S.H.I.P. trainings! For more information on this, visit our Venus Rising Congregations page. 

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