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Online Program
~ Zoom ~

September - October, 2024

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30 Shamanic Questions
w/ Kathy Morrison

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Are you looking for an experiential process that will support you in uncovering, recovering, and discovering who you really are? The 30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity were created by Linda Star Wolf in 2004 as a unique and powerful tool for self-exploration that promotes true transformation. The Questions have been experienced by thousands of people around the world, and Venus Rising is proud to host Kathy Morrison in offering this five-week deep dive into exploring the defining forces of your life.


When: This will be a 5-week container, 2 days a week (Mon & Thurs - Exact Dates below.). 

Time: 7-9pm Eastern Time via Zoom

Cost: $280 

Commitment: This will be a dedicated small group (maximum 20 people). Given the nature of this container and experience, your commitment to the process, including attendance at all sessions, is required.


Kathy Morrison is the inspiration for the 30 Shamanic Questions. Over the last 20 years she has served as the guide for many individuals moving through this deeply transformative process. This is the first time that the process will be offered on-line separate from a workshop or private intensive setting. Kathy lives in North Carolina and serves as the Shamanic Questions Coordinator for Venus Rising.

From Ego Agenda to Soul Purpose... Remembering the Bigger Picture

Star Wolf created the 30 Shamanic Questions to help save the life of a dear friend who was suffering from such a severe depression that she had become suicidal. She was in a major life transition that threatened to overwhelm her sanity and I, her friend and teacher for many years, felt helpless in this situation. Feeling overwhelmed, I sat down, said a prayer asking for help, and turned to my computer. I spontaneously typed out these words:

30 Shamanic Questions;

 Dismantle Your Old Ego Identity
 And Recover Your Original Soul Purpose

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Program Schedule

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Time: 7 - 9pm Eastern Time Zone

Where:  Online via Zoom


Week 1: Monday,  September 9th
              Thursday, September 12th

Week 2: Monday,  September 16th             

              Thursday, September 19th

Week 3: Monday,  September 23rd             

              Thursday, September 26th

Week 4: Monday,  September 30th             

              Thursday, October 3rd

Week 5: Monday,  October 7th             

              Thursday, October 10th

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About your Shamanic Guide

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Kathy Morrison

​Kathy is part of the Venus Rising staff and also assists with other office and business details. She is the Coordinator of the Shamanic Ministers Global Network. Kathy is a core team member of the Transformation House. She helps to coordinate the Shamanic 30 Questions process. Kathy has been in recovery from drugs, alcohol and codependency since 1994. She is a grounded and compassionate source to others who are wanting to recovery from a way of life that no longer serves them. She assists people in connecting more deeply with their own "inner healer” while supporting them on their journey. She continues to dance the spiral path through the continuous cycles of change in her own life, Kathy brings a depth of heart and wisdom to her work with others through her own personal healing, experience, strength and hope.

Click here to Learn More; Kathy Morrison

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Program Cost (USD)

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Program Cost: 

Program Includes; 
10 Online Sessions

Not Included;
A copy of the "30 Shamanic Questions" book. 
You can purchase this book

**Non-refundable program cost of $280 is required to hold your space in this Online program. 

**Recordings are NOT available due to the personalized nature of this program

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