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Shamanic Consciousness for Sensual Women

Sacred Ceremonies with a Tantric Vibe

Join Star Wolf, Crystal Dawn & Judy Redhawk

Dove Mountain Elemental Temples, North Carolina
July 28 - 31, 2022

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Awaken your Shamanic Shakti Consciousness! 

Stored within the psyche and heart of each woman resides the shamanic energies of Water, Earth, Fire, Spirit and Air. When merged together, these elements activate and unlock a woman’s Life-Force Energy- awakening her Shakti energy and summoning it to rise in passion and purpose…

Participating in Shamanic psychospiritual Ceremonies in Elemental Temples, such as Shamanic Breathwork, Tantric practices, Shakti Body Art,  Exotic Dancing, and deep expressive ritual and processing circles women will be able to drop their outer armor and open their warm passionate hearts souls and yonis in a safe and sacred space. 


Star Wolf, Crystal Dawn and Judy Red Hawk collectively have decades of experience in their collective fields and bring a depth of Shamanic wisdom, compassion, sensuality and humor to these rituals. 


Feel the energy rise from within...

Dove Mountain, Home to Venus Rising

During our time together, we will be nestled within the magical Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Within Isis Cove (our local community) resides Dove Mountain, home to Venus Rising's Elemental Temples. Dove Mountain is blessed with a wide assortment of creatures teachers, including foxes, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, snakes, turtles, hawks, owls, wild turkeys, crows, turkey vultures, Eagles, Blue Herons and a variety of songbirds. Our sacred temples, held within nature, creates the perfect space to drop in, transform, heal, and awaken your shaman within!

To learn more about Dove Mountain, Click Here.

About your Shamanic Guides


Linda Star Wolf

Linda Star Wolf has been a visionary teacher and shamanic guide to thousands of people over the last 35 years. Star Wolf created the Shamanic Breathwork Process as a synthesis of her personal exploration and direct healing experiences with breathwork, shamanic wisdom, depth psychology and addictions recovery methods. With over 30 years of recovery from her own experience with addictions, Star Wolf has dedicated her life to helping others to release dysfunctional patterns of all kinds and to radically transform their lives. She teaches people how to awaken to the bigger picture, embodies their own inner Visionary Shaman and steps into a life of passionate purpose.


Crystal Dawn Morris

Crystal Dawn Morris is a tantra teacher, shamanic midwife and Shamanic Minister. She is devoted to the art of “making love with life.” Crystal is dedicated to helping others to release emotional baggage so they can experience their full aliveness. Her playful enthusiasm creates a space where magic unfolds. Crystal's mission is to be a catalyst for global transformation; manifesting a world based on love, freedom and compassion for all beings everywhere. She has been involved with Venus Rising since 2010. Crystal is the founder of and


Judy Redhawk Merritt

Judy Redhawk Merritt has a PhD in clinical psychology. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1984, and cultivated her private psychology practice in Pittsburgh from 1996 to present date— working with children, adolescents, and adults. She is a drama therapist, specializing in psychodrama. Merritt has supported hundreds of thousands of seekers use art to journey into their hearts. Merging her professional and clinical experience with her shamanic spiritual practice, Merritt brings forth a rich and integrative perspective on art and shamanic psycho-spiritual studies. Through the fusion of her two passions—clinical psychotherapy and shamanic studies—Merritt is able to walk between the world and gift readers with an integrative voice on how to use art and art processes to move through blockages, heal trauma, and create a life of freedom, wholeness, and inspiration.


Sara Aljneibi

Sara Aljneibi is an artist, embodiment coach, shamanic breathwork facilitator,

embodied feminine flow teacher, and co-founder of Ishtar Rising community. She is one

of the first Emiratis coaching women on embodiment, empowerment, sexuality, love,

and relationships. Dedicating the past 15 years to studying and teaching arts and

healing arts across four continents.


Sara has made it her life mission to support women in the Middle East and beyond by

creating safe spaces for them to come back to their bodies to allow the shedding of

generational and collective shame, fear, and guilt. Guiding them to reclaim and explore

their bodies to freely and authentically express themselves. Unleashing the wild woman

within, who is courageous to follow her desires, own her power & shadows and step into

her life with grounded confidence, radiance, and magnetism.


Program Details

Program Cost; $777 
Deposit Cost; $277
Meals; 2 Lunches & 2 Dinners included. Breakfast is on your own. 
Lodging; Included

Non-Refundable Deposit of $277 is required to hold your space in this circle.

Full payment is due 2-weeks prior to opening circle.

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